Look at these big idiots

i’m going through photos of me from high school and hooboy are they great

julian tupacabra i finally found that sweatshirt um

i told her that joe biden was the clear winner in last night’s debate and she shushed me

she punched me in the face on purpose







eric ramona wilson: the worst scarf

I’ve done it

I’m finally anime

We did it kids

~christmas 2k11 y’all~

True Life: I took too many caffeine pills and now I look like a recovering meth addict.

dis kitty

is my kitty

and i love it

yeah i love it

fuck i really miss my blue hair ;~;

my face tag is woefully small and so am i.


old photo is ollllddd. currently my phone background :) it’s me and my best fraaannnddd <333333 aka the snarkshark. aka prettipwny on tumbllaahhh. back from when i was still adorable. hehe. i should razor my bangs again O______O

we are adorable.